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Recent Indonesia and Korea Government System: in Culture Perspective

Recent Indonesia and Korea Government System:
in Culture Perspective
Yutsa Z.Ula / 07.254514.SA.13944

While Korea combining its Confucianism with the western way of liberation and democracy, Confucian democracy was born. In Confucianism taught family is the model of organization. In Korean way using democracy as the way ruling the country, religion –Confucianism and Buddhism- still influence the democracy itself. Since the deeply rooted tradition cannot be easily removed and do the pure liberal-democracy.
The same in Indonesia today. The 2 period chose in a row, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) who has a background grew in Javanese culture. Lately, SBY is criticized about his leadership as which using the Javanese way of decision making in the framework of the western style democracy. 
An old article from Ben Anderson definitely explains how different western democracy and old way of Javanese system is. According to Ben, Javanese system not only different but definitely the opposite of the western democracy which become the base of political idea development.
Javanese believe that a power of control is concrete, homogeny and no need to doubt the legitimacy. And the power can be seen through an abstract thing. Like a legend that told Ken Dedes would born kings who later reign in Java soil just because her legs shine and other king’s legend. This is exactly contrast with the western idea which said that everyone could be a ruler if he/she has passed several political selection. Still remain in our mind, right when SBY had chose, his name was related by some paranormal to Jayabaya’s prognosis.
 Moreover in Javanese political ideology task sharing is not available. The King is the one who must be followed. Seen from Hamengku Buwono (yang memangku semesta/ lapping universe) and Paku Alam in Yogyakarta, Pakubuwono and Mangkunegara in Solo. Paku or Mangku (lap) is an idiom that indicates like lapping a little child, it only can be done by one person. (ANALISIS : Politik Jawa SBY by Bayu Dardias- Jurusan Ilmu Pemerintahan, Fisipol UGM lecturer).
Interestingly based on the historical records most reasons of the collapse of Javanese kingdoms is a betrayal from the insiders of the kingdom itself. And if we look today’s political situation the conflict that happened in presidential Government are mostly caused by the insiders. Like the Century bank case which bail Vice-President Boediono out. In addition, in this latest 3 months, politic observers see President SBY has shows clearly how afraid and doubtful he is. And many of them criticizes him about his lateness, inconsistence and doubtful as how the ancient Javanese Kings did in past centuries.


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