Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Meugang" as a unique ramadhan culture in Aceh ( by: Zahrani B)

      Aceh has such a unique ramadhan culture or tradition which is did only once in year called "hari megang"; a day before ramadhan. The day before ramadhan comes we can find a unique phenomenon in traditional market, especially the biggest traditional market in Banda Aceh. We will see a bunch of people fulfill the butcher shop or bucther stand since early morning, and of course every body seems buying amount of beef. This kind of phenomenon not only can see in the traditional market but also in "tanah lapang" (some place seems like 'alun-alun in Java). Special for this day some of  field will be changed to such a butcher shop. Start from early morning about 05.00 a.m every butcher comes, butchering cow and lamb, and trade it there. Actually the butchering take place at 03.00 a.m. This phenomenon of course rising a question for the people who see it for first time.
        Aceh people almost not serve amount of meet or beef  when they eat. They tend to eat seafood or chicken sometimes since they have a mind set that meet is a luxurious and expensive food. They'd prefer to  buy outside when they want to eat than cooking it them seleves, or sometime they can eat it when they are presenting at such a party. Moreover, some of them only eat meet when the ramadhan comes.
        Since the ramadhan comes, as a religious person, Aceh peoples want to be focus on their religiousness ritual without bothering by thinking about daily food. Since meet is a kind of foodstuff which is full of energy, the day before ramadhan they buy some meet and cook it in slow cooking. Thus, it also could keep for long time. The cooking is saved in saparately small pack. When they want to eat they just take some pack as much as they need and heat it aminute. After preparing amount of meet, Aceh people almost not go to the market for 2 weeks to buy another foodstuff but they just go to a small shop to find some vegetables and fruits. They can stay at home be good at religious service a long ramadhan without feel hungry at all.


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