Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ramadhan Food Culture in Aceh ( by. Zahrani B)

Ramadhan food culture in Aceh is quiet unique. When ramadhan comes fasting people never be afraid about food to break a fast. They just need to go to any mosque they can reach and a plate of hot and spicy porridge will be served.
When ramadhan comes in Aceh men who live near by mosque come together in a mosque to prepare amount of food to break a fast. Usually they cook an earthen cooking pot of hot and spicy rice porridge called "bubur kanji rumbi". Bubur kanji rumbi seems like "bubur ayam" in Java but consists of more spice with 2 or 3 kinds of stocks; shrimp, chicken and beef stock. The content is also little bit different. Bubur ayam has a lot of topping but bubur kanji rumbi almost has no topping just spreaded by fried onion.
Bubur kanji rumbi only cooked and served by men without woman at all. Usually at 03.00 p.m they have been in mosque and prepare the foodstuff. Then at 04.00 p.m they start cooking. It take so much time, they use firewood to cook it in a big earthen cooking pot in order to serve to anyone who wants to break their fast in mosque. Then bubur kanji rumbi is ready to served at 06.00 p.m since breaking a fast time is 06.30 p.m in Aceh.


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