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Lotteria vs Mc Donald's : Burger vs Burger

First established in Japan in September 1972. Lotteria is considered to be a follower of McDonald's. Both sell similar burgers, such as hamburgers, cheese burgers, teriyaki burgers, and so on. Their Shrimp burger is popular and is an original burger of Lotteria, first made in 1977.
Lotteria in South Korea was founded on October 25, 1979, and was part of an expansion of the Lotte Group that included the founding or acquisition of other food-related divisions, including Lotte Chilsung Beverage, Lotte Samkang, and Lotte Ham & Milk. Lotteria became the number one fast food restaurant, boasting a 45 percent market share in 2001 (compared to 20.1 percent for McDonald's). Lotteria achieved this success in part by introducing lines of Koreanized fast foods including its now signature kimchi burger, and strikes most initial visitors as a Korean version of most Western-style fast food restaurants with some local additions. The imitation, with "cleanness, the bright interior, the Western pop music as an audio background," is designed to create "the impression of a 'small piece of America in the middle of Korea'". This strategy resulted in growth rates of 10 percent in 2006 and 16 percent in 2007; by 2009, Lotteria had 920 outlets. (
                As Korean government campaign  a slogan for its visit year program “where you can eat delicious food and stay healthy”, Lotteria provide this company with a healthy looking too. From removing trans fat from its Fries menu until rye bread burger that only have 350 calories.
                Today is an era when everyone can not resist the fast food appeal. It served fast, crispy, spicy, fast safety hunger and catches right to everyone appetite. In Korea Mc Donald’s does exist but if you hit the search button in your Google searching the Korean Burger keyword, Lotteria is the most appearing answer.
                Koreans are very partisan consumer, preferring their own grown home versions over the flashier, established American or any other foreign import. Korean movies out sell imported Hollywood blockbusters. Wal-Mart in Korea has fails over the similar E-Mart. So it is not a surprise when Lotteria is the major Burger joint in Korea. Korea is one of two country where Mc Donald’s is not a market leader of burger beside French. Moreover, in Korea Lotteria grows bigger than in Japan, Where it firstly established.
                Korean Lotteria offers menu that similar with non-fast food menu like in traditional Korean restaurant. Start from Kimchi Burger, Bulgogi burger to Zzang () burger type. The Zzang Burgers are actually the buns-less burgers but replaced with round of rice ‘buns’.  Also, if you are not the typical who like onion rings or squid fries you can choose Phat-Bing-Soo (a shaved ice –but in Lotteria is replaced with soft ice cream like Mc Donald’s soft ice cream- and loaded with tteok –korean rice cake-, red beans and mix fruit around it).
                The Lotteria outlets performs the outlook which similar with café atmosphere, a cozy place where you can get wi-fi and other wireless satisfaction (Koreans are crazy for wireless things).  The difference with Mc Donald’s is you can still find a long line of queue. Many of Lotteria burgers varians are not readily made to serve. Possibly because the policy requires all food to be disposed off after 10 minutes of being cooked.
                On the other hand, Mc Donald’s has a standard with its racing time. Well-known worldwide that Mc Donald’s needs to be served fast and no long standing line. Mc D’s is racing in a minute or even seconds. As we can see in past year Indonesia,  some of big Mc D’s outlet even put mini sand-watch in the cashier counter, but mostly are not useful, only symbolic.
                How the foreigners (especially the American) comparing Lotteria and Mc D’s when they visit Korea? Bulgogi Burger is a variant of burger that available both in Lotteria and Mc D’s. First Impression comes from the wrapping. The commonly using of light burger wrapper perfectly wrap  the Lotterias’ up, while excess sauce of the bulgogi spilled out wetting the buns and paper. More, the taste of both burgers are not strikingly different, but lettuce is more put in Lotteria’s. For several people, the tomato slice in Lotteria’s is a bit big and not good for the taste, so the put out the tomato and enjoy the thicker bulgogi patty that lotteria’s have than Mc D’s. Probably this thicker patty is liked by most Korean and some foreigners. But for some American its patty is too greasy and noth as crispy as the Mc D’s’.  
                But Mc D’s is popular with its crispy French fries and none of the fast food franchise chains can beat it. Even The fries from Lotteria is soggy. For Americans, Lotteria portion is bit little than the Mc D’s have. Like the seafood burger which contain small pieces of squid. But, Mc D’s burgers are cheaper than Lotteria’s.
                In other aspects Lotteria really show its attention to the recycling aspect off. 
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