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Korea today : From The View of It’s Film Industry

Korea today : From The View of It’s Film Industry

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Source : Korea Saat ini : Dilihat dari perkembangan Film Nasionalnya (Suray Agung Nugroho)

Korea already have a data about their film industry since year 2000.  It is different from Indonesia that still does not have data transpiration. In  latest 5 year, every year Korean film’s viewer are about 40 million people while the population of Koreans is 48,5 million people (CIA worldfact, 2004 census) and 50 film are launched every year in average. It indicates that films had become a national commodity and the Korean people itself like their national product.

                There are 5 other facts about Korean films industry. First, since there are numerous film community either online or offline by now, lots of movie festival were held by government or private agent. In example, The Pusan Film International, Seoul International Cartoon and Animation festival, and so on. It means that film industry grow actively in Korea.

                Second, in first half 21 century Cineplex businesses were dominated by big financial capital holder. But in second half century it is getting more balance. Moreover after the Megabox Cineplex already shared with foreign investor. It is a role model for Indonesia whish till today the Cineplex businesses are owned by the big financial capital holder.

Third, Korea still prefer to showing more Korean film products more than American Films. But lately it is not  that strict anymore, so that American film still can grow and popular in Korea.

Fourth, as like what happened in Hollywood film industry, a strike that held by script writer who felt the low fee for their work which indicated the low appreciation disappointed the workers. But since 2008 there is already an agreement which tied the producer and other film-maker crew. So, there is already a standard of payment for each workers position.

Fifth, 2 film institution KOFA ( Korean Film Archive) and KOFIC (Korean Film Council) are established in Korea. Each institution has its own responsibility in film industry. KOFA is ordered to arrange Korean movie database which can be easily to be accessed. While KOFIC duty is promotes the films.

From the five facts above it all are the step to fasten the film industry. As the palli-palli culture (hurry-hurry culture) already rooted in Korean mindset, so the Korean wants everything to be fast and quick, it reflected in their development. 

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