Monday, December 28, 2009

The Surabayan Culture and Values that Support it. (Yutsa Z. Ula)

1. They Cursing a lot.
Value: Most of Surabayan (especially youths) believe cursing in Surabaya style curse can relieve peevishness. Even it can be used as an expression booster. Especially Happiness and amazement can be ‘cursed’. But it can be told to close friend only. But still, it is usually used to bluff someone.
2. If they don’t like something or like something they will tell it directly.
Value: It is better if we know what is the mistake we’ve done. It’s not okay if you don’t like someone and told it to everyone behind your back. By express your anger directly, the people whom you angry with will introspects by himself.
3. A new born baby will be hold by the neighbours or peoples in one’s range.
Value: Usually, a mother will fell their motherly instinct when they see a new born baby. There is also kind of a reason that babies are very cute. But sometimes, for married female who doesn’t have baby yet, they believe maybe God also blessed them with a baby after that.


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