Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Contemporary Korea at Glance; Movie Part: Five Facts about korean movies industries (by Zahrani Balqis)

There are 5 important points we need to know about korean movie world.
First, start from the beginning of 21st century korean movie industry has been more popular in international movie world, and korean government has a great concern for it. The government joins with the private enterprise hold such a film festival every year, for example The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), Blue Dragon Film Award, Seoul Independent Film Festival, and 9 anothers.

Second, at the beginning of 21st century Korean cineplex business was dominated only by several big koreancapitalist but recently foreign enterprise also cntributes to subsequent deveopment by buying The Megabox cineplex shares.

Third, 3 years recently korean movie industries agree to decrease their national movie screen quota. Previously, every cinema was required to present Koreen movie least 8 weeks in one year.

Forth, since the beginning of 2008 Korea have been have a payment of wages standardization for low level movie workers.

And the last, Korea has 2 movie organizations that have a great concern and actively take care of their national movie. The organizations are KOFA (Korean Film Archieve) and KOFIC (Korean Film Council)


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