Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Contemporary Korea at Glance: Korean Clohing Part; Today Hanbok (by Z. Balqis)

Hanbok is Korean traditional clothing. Recently Korean people doesn't wear that kind of cloth as a daily clothing. They'd prefer to wear it when be present at such a traditional ceremony; chuseok, seollal, etc, also at the wedding ceremony and 60th or 70th birthday celebration.

Basically hanbok is consist of 2 parts; top and under. For female top one is shape of a vest or waistcoat named cheogori, and the under one is a skirt called chima.
Male Hanbok seems almot same, also devided into two parts. The top is also called cheogori and it's weared with a shape of trousers called paji.

Nowadays, Korean hanbok pattern not only available in traditional style but also in recently fashion style. One of Korea designer started to modernize hanbok by putting such a western touch on the under part of hanbok. Lee Young-Hee (Korean designer) changed the skirt ( chima ) by trousers, and the other designer change the traditional hanbok style into you can see plastic patchwork dress. Modernizing hanbok make hanbok changes in many parts, but Korean designers still keep the original hanbok essence; elegance with the simplicity.


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