Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Contemporary Korea at Glance: Korean Dish Part; a pickle of Kimchi (by Z. Balqis)

The wellknown kimchi is a kind of  Korean traditional fermented dish made from chinese cabbage with little bit sour, spicy and hot taste. Koreans sereve kimchi at almost every meal. Kimchi seems like koreans soul. Moreover, Koreans said, " I can't imagine live without kimchi" even in fact, kimchi was originally from China but without spicy taste and it little bit salty.
Recently kimchi not only as a dish or pickle but it also transform to another kind of  main menu, for example kimchi soup, kimchi noodle, rice-roll kimchi (kimchi kimpab), even as a western meal; burger, pizza, and spaghetti.

Kimchi also become an export commidity for Korea. It earns about one million US dollar every year. Moreover the export of kimchi to foreign countries is rapidly increasing. While Korens immigrant to other countries they continue to eat kimchi as a side dish. It gradually gain popularity even among foreigners. Accordingly kimchi could be find wherever Koreans live.


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